IIHS Reveals Shocking Statistics About Back-Seat Belt Wearing

In Hawaii, passengers riding in the back seat of a car are exempt from seat-belt laws. That's one of the reasons fewer people buckle up when riding in the rear, and it's a big problem, says the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. 

A recent IIHS survey shows that 91 percent of people always wear their seatbelt in the front seat, but only 72 percent do in the back seat. 

Why is it important to wear a seatbelt in the back seat? 

Wearing a seatbelt is an important factor in accident survivability, no matter what seat you're in. More than half of the people who die in fatal traffic collisions were not wearing seatbelts. 

Even if you are not worried about your own personal safety, unbelted passengers become deadly projectiles in a crash. Without any restraints, your body can strike other passengers at full speed, including the back of the driver's seat. An IIHS test demonstrates exactly what can happen to the driver when struck from behind by an unbelted passenger—the driver is forced into the steering column. 

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