Safe Food Transport for the Holidays

The holidays are a time to travel and visit family or friends, and even attend company holiday parties. With all of these great social activities comes delicious food too! This holiday season, if you are transporting food from one destination to another, here’s a few tips from the Kuhio Auto Group to make sure your delicious package makes it there safe and tasty.

  1. For cold or frozen items, be sure to package them in a large ziplock bag or sealed plastic container and transport them in a cooler with ice that has a locking/sealing lid.
  2. For hot items, make sure they are not still steaming when you cover them with a sealed lid. The steam will expand during the trip and create enough pressure to pop that lid off and create a hot spill.
  3. Once you have your hot items packaged for travel, put the container in a box just big enough to fit it and pack around it with newspaper or paper towels to prevent the food container from moving around.

Here at Kuhio Auto Group in Lihue, HI, we would like to wish you happy holiday season and safe food travels!

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