Inspect Your Tires Regularly and Stay Safe

Before making a long road trip in the Lihue, Hawaii region, you should make sure your car is in good shape. You don't want anything going wrong while making your journey. One of the most important things that the Kuhio Auto Group team recommends that you check are your tires.

The tread needs to be deep enough to keep you safe. When tread isn't deep enough, water can't easily pass under your tires, and this is what causes hydroplaning. Having not enough tread on your tires can also put you at risk of having a blowout while driving. But how can you tell when it’s time to change your tires?

If you don't have a depth gauge, come to our dealership in Lihue and we will measure it for you. If it’s less than 4/32 of an inch, we recommend looking for new tires. Our staff at Kuhio Auto Group would love to help you choose which tires you need from our large selection. We want you to be safe out there on the road!

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