The Importance of Tire Selection in Hawaii

Selecting the right tires for your vehicle can be a confusing experience. From snow to heat; gravel roads to wet terrain, there are many tires out there to help you drive more comfortably. Here at Kuhio Auto Group we're able to separate our different tires into more specific needs - therefore making your search a much simpler experience!

If you are a daily highway commuter, then highway/all-season tires may be the best for you. These tires will give you a smooth ride, have good traction during rainy conditions and they come in styles for both cars and trucks. All-terrain tires have improved performance for gravel and snow. They make your ride quiet and have excellent tread life. If you're rolling through a dense trail or up a steep route, then these tires may be for you.

If driving through mud is a daily routine, then ask about all-terrain mud tires. These tires will perform extremely well while driving through muddy conditions and have good wear. They are a bit noisier than other all-terrain tires, but the trade-off for superior off-roading performance is excellent.

We take great pleasure at our dealership in helping you choose the tires that fit your vehicle best. Stop by and let one of our friendly associates get you back on the road and rolling more comfortably today!

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