Your Check Engine Light Is On - Should You Panic?

While you should not panic, it is wise to show a little concern. The good news is that it is usually something that can easily be fixed. However, you should never rule out the possibility that it may be something serious. Check engine lights can come on for the following reasons:

1. Worn spark plug wires and old spark plugs that misfire can cause the engine light to blink on. Mechanics can easily change them.

2. A loose gas cap may also cause the engine light to blink on or off. Stop the vehicle to make sure the cap is tight, or if cracked, replace it.

3. A routine appointment like an oil change may be due, resulting in the check engine light to illuminate.

It is best to trust your car, truck, or SUV with a certified mechanic. Call our service center today and set an appointment for diagnostics and engine assistance.

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