Why is it Important to Inspect Your Belts and Hoses?

Whether you navigate the streets of Lihue in a car, truck or SUV, your vehicle features a network of belts and hoses that keep your engine's components working in tandem. Your belts help your alternator, power steering system, air conditioning, and water pump in working order, while your hoses transfer air pressure and fluids between components.

Like most parts of your vehicle, your belts and hoses require service and replacement over time. The excessive temperatures and mileage that your vehicle experiences cause your components to wear down. You may notice cracks or leaks, or even performance issues that cause your car to not run. You can stay ahead of these issues by regularly inspecting your hoses and belts for integrity.

Kuhio Auto Group can help with the regular maintenance and even replacement of these vital auto parts on your behalf. Come to our Lihue, HI service center for a hose and belt inspection soon.

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