Are There Different Types of Transmissions?

Car manufacturers install four diverse types of transmissions in their products. The oldest is the manual transmission that the driver manipulates through a clutch and gear shift. The fully automatic transmission is the most common transmission on the highway today. The fully automatic is run electronically by the car's computer. There is no clutch or gear shift.

With a semi-automatic transmission, the driver selects the gears through a shifter located behind the steering wheel. Once the driver selects the gear, the computer signals sensors to engage a series of pneumatics to manipulate the gears in the transmission.

Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) have no gears. These transmission change ratios via the movement of two pulleys, one connected to the engine the other to the drive shaft. The distance between the pulleys determines the relative gear ratio.

Transmission are complicated devices. Take your car to Kuhio Auto Group in Lihue to have your transmission serviced, as needed.

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