How to Get the Right Motor Oil for Your Car

Sometimes it can get scary when your mechanic tells you that your engine needs an oil change. Not knowing what that exactly means will lead to a series of questions on the essence of an oil change and how to determine the best oil for your engine. Here’s how to find answers to some of those questions in a jiffy.

The first thing you should check when buying a new motor oil bottle is whether it has the American Petroleum Institute sticker. This will show you that the oil meets the standards of the API and has been properly tested. Secondly, you should look out for the "SL" symbol, which shows that the latest service standards have been applied when manufacturing the oil.

Visit one of our auto service centers for more information on determining the best motor oil for your car. The experts on site will also advise on the way forward for your car engine just in case it needs further repair before you hit the road again.

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