When Your Catalytic Converter Fails

If you have been told that your catalytic converter has failed, this means that the emissions your car is producing are higher than normal. Your catalytic converter cleans the air coming from your engine. When it isn't working, your car will produce poor quality air that is dangerous for you and the environment. Bring your car to Kuhio Auto Group if you think you are having problems with your exhaust system.

Whether you have recently failed an emissions test or you notice a terrible smell coming from your car, it's important to have issues with your exhaust system checked right away. Your catalytic converter may only need to be cleaned, or it can be replaced if necessary. We will take a careful look at your exhaust system and repair your car as necessary. At our auto service department in Lihue, we understand how important your car is, and we want you to have a safe car to drive.

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