Take Control in the Nissan Maxima

We here at Kuhio Auto Group are very excited to show you what the new Nissan Maxima is all about. This popular luxury sedan is built to provide you with a great driving experience. It's available to drivers with some unique performance features that offer greater control on the road.

The Maxima is available with a Drive Mode Selector. It's located next to the shift knob and lets you switch between driving modes as you see fit. You can choose between the normal mode and an enhanced sport mode. In this mode, transmission tuning, steering, and throttle response are all modified.

In addition to changing driving modes, you can override the transmission system. The Maxima uses a smooth continuously variable transmission system. However, it's also available with integrated paddle shifters. They're attached to both sides of the steering wheel. They move with the wheel so that they're always within reach. All it takes is a simple flick of the finger to simulate gear changes and modify your car's performance.



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